The Goldie Rumori Project

zaquerie applepress

The Goldie Rumori Project is a blog and video series by and about the artist and audio guide hacker, Goldie Rumori, on his quest to get his work in The Met in 30 days.

As part of an ongoing performance-based social experiment, I took on the role of an alter-ego, Goldie Rumori, and made it publicly known that as the result of a bad trip, I drastically altered my appearance, changed my name, and made it my mission to get my work in The Met in 30 days.

Following a series of performative experiments in and around the museum space, Goldie hacks the museum’s audio guides by day 30, but the series ultimately exposes the way living his life on camera has drastically affected his behavior.

This documentary recounts my experience inventing, developing, and performing the role of Goldie in my day-to-day life, on camera, for two months. Told from my own perspective but interspersed with commentary from both experts on performance and role theory and the people who interacted with Goldie, it is my attempt to expose the entire process as honestly as possible.