Archana Kumar

Educating users on how the smallest of user actions generates micro income for companies that when aggregated form sizable profits.


Shopping online isn't the only online user action that results in the flow of currency. Signing up, providing personal information, voting, tweeting, liking, checking-in, watching videos, downloading files, all have dollar values attached to them. It's safe to say that online user actions and personal information have become significant commodities today that are being traded extensively across the internet. .Click aims to educate people on some of the not-so-obvious ways companies profit from users online

The execution of a mouse click is an extremely significant point of intended action between the user and the application, yet there exists an appreciable disjunction in the flow of information between the user and the application's creator. While chrome extensions like collusion and Ghostery exist to inform users on the invisible websites tracking you, nothing exists that is clicks specific.

In the eyes of the authors of web applications and sites, the mouse and user are but one inseparable entity, and complex analysis is implemented to deduce the pure intention behind users' mouse actions and to manipulate it for profit.

For the most part the price of the click is calculated by a number of factors including visitors on the site, the site content, referrer and so on.

The target audience is fairly broad as it is for anyone who spends a significant amount of time on the internet and doesn't realize how much work they are doing for other people.

User Scenario
Users would go to dotclick.me , click through and understand how clicks can be different in networks from offline applications and would then download the google chrome extension available on the page. On installing it, they would go about their browsing and when a click triggers an action with possible economic value (such as sign ups, logins, likes etc), a yellow balloon will float up. When the extension icon from the toolbar is clicked, a collection of one's clicks will be displayed with values and origins, in the form of a collection of balloons.

.Click consists of an HTML5 website that describes how the click is relevant through various visualizations as well as a google chrome extension that will allow users to get a better sense of how much money they are generating for various sites and companies while they go about their online activities.

The value of the click cannot be predetermined as it's dependent on various factors that come in to play at the moment of the click. Nonetheless, people still ought to be informed on how much of their leisure time activities online can be work for someone else as their clicks drive profit.