A bit[e] of me

Federico Zannier

I've data mined myself. I've violated my own privacy. Now I am selling it all. But how much am I worth?

I've been inspired by Jonas Lund's Selfsurfing project, Paolo CIrio's projects about Google, Malte Spitz suing a telephone company for data retention and Alex Tew's Million Dollar Page.

I spend hours every day surfing the internet. Meanwhile corporations have been using my online information (the websites I visit, what I buy, the videos I watch and more) for their own benefit. In 2012, US advertising revenue was around $30B. In 2012 I made $0 from my data. Why shouldn't I profit from my own data?
Since February 2013 I have recorded my online activity (the HTML pages I have visited, the position of the mouse pointer, a screenshot of what I was looking at, a webcam image of me looking at my computer, the GPS location, a log of the apps that I was using). I'm selling this data for $2.50 a day.
If more people do the same, one day marketers might pay us for our data. It might sound crazy but it could work.