Minute Museum of Chinese Art & History

Hsiao-Wen Chou

A mobile app that lets you put a museum in your pocket. The first Minute Museum--on Chinese Art-- is now open!

I took Cabinet of Wonder for learn more about museums, and from that class we do many research and visit many different Museum. According to the class project and guest speaks, I found out there are some problems in museum that they want to fix. For example, Museum wants to get more new group of the audiences, and they also want something that can keep the exhibition before and after the audience leave the museum. I start with looking at many museum website, and went to many different museum in Europe, China, Taiwan, and America. List down what I like and what I don't like, and also ask some feedback from other visiters and people who work in Museums. Then I decided to make Minute Museum, which can use for all kinds of museum and solve some current problems that museums have.

6 to 10 years old.

Minute Museum is a mobile app that sends a one-minute art experience twice a week to its members. Like any museum, you can view objects from different angles and learn more through their captions. What’s different about Minute Museum, is that you can interact with objects, hear a short story, and even watch a video or play a game. Any museum could have a Minute Museum. The first one is on Chinese Art and History for children ages 6-10. I hope that through this interactive experience, children will become interested in Chinese culture.

I learn a lot on with coding, which including JavaScript, Object C and Eclips. I also learn how important about the story telling, and what kind of games that kids love. In the future, I am going to work on different exhibition for Minute Museum, and give my characters in the app have their own personality.