Hyeyoung Yoon

A Creat_ur is a 3d data object made of your recent browsing history. It lives in a Creat_ur world visualizing your activity online.

A Creat_ur is a user's online visual identity that is made of each user's recent browsing history data. Its color, volume and shape changes over time reflecting the user's online activity such as how many subjects the user has interest in, the level of interest for each subject, and frequently visited subjects. Since each Creat_ur is unique, you can recognize other users by the shape and colors.

These days, people spend a lot of time on the Internet. We use it not only to search and share information, but also to shop, make friends, hang out, and even relax. Online is another world where we actually live. In the real world, we recognize people by having a conversation or based on their appearance. Online, however, it’s hard to tell what kind of person the user is just by reading their profile, which most people don’t really update. So I believe this online visual identity model made of browsing history will open another way of recognizing other online users by enabling us to understand how the user’s interest has changed over time and what kind of subject this user is interested in.

Any online users

User Scenario
To join Creat_ur world, you need to generate your Creat_ur first from your Chrome browser. Once you install the extension, the system starts to read your recent browsing history and shows all the urls that you have visited. You can either manually choose a category out of 25 categories or use the Alexa API for automatic categorization. You can also use API and change it manually. If a category is not found, the url goes under uncategorized. Lastly, it analyzes your history and visualizes it three dimensionally. You can see it from different view by interacting with it. Once you done making your Creat_ur, you can join to Creat_ur world where your Creat_ur lives and communicates with others.

I developed a Chrome extension to visualize browsing history. I chose Chrome because it is the most widely used browser all over the world and having a variety of users is an important part of making Creat_ur world. Processing, Javascript, html5, css and webGL were used for programming and the Alexa API is used for automatic categorization.

Through this project, I realized that 3D data visualization on web is especially challenging because I needed to find the right balance between my imagination, personal design aesthetics, accurate data representation. and also convey practical user scenarios to the users. Still, I feel there is an immense opportunity that make me very excited. One of the possible future implementation is to develop a crowd sourced date base of website categories by collecting users' data when they assign a new category to their uncategorized items or change the existing ones. Furthermore, once I gather enough data of each user, it can be used for developing a prediction engine which will recommend new sites for the users.