Remember that Day

Ioni Gkliati

Part public-art installation,part scavenger hunt, part multimedia experiment , part narrative story, "Remember that day" is an alternate reality big game where cryptic narratives and the real world collide.

"Remember that day" combines interactive narrative, game design, augmented reality, automated environments, installation art, spatial navigation and cultural curation. I wanted to bring people together to experience the urban environment in a different way. Bring people together to experience something different except the usual activities in a neighborhood. Create an playground for adults.

The Beast - an alternate reality game created in 2001 by a team in Microsoft to promote the Steven Spielberg film "Artificial Intelligence"

Sleep No More - a site specific, interactive work of theater created by British theater company "Punchdrunk" in 2009

The Institute an alternate reality game created by Nonchallange company in San Francisco