Sounds Like You

Johann Diedrick

Sounds Like you is a production study investigating methods, techniques and devices for navigating my environment aurally, with special attention given to personal sound.

My project is a production study, made up of three case studies that I will be presenting. One is mobile listening kits for hearing less audible sounds in your aural environment. The second is an audio broadcasting framework that allows a user to remotely broadcast and record the sounds around them. The third is a series of speculative wearable devices that allow the user to obscure their voice in physical acoustic space, circumventing autonomous acoustic systems that might be monitoring the sounds in our environment. I'm planning on presenting documentation on all of these, with live demonstrations where appropriate.

I did research on mobile listening devices, real-time audio signal processing, wire-range microphone array systems, conceptual product design, and 3D fabrication.

My target audience is the acoustically curious.

User Scenario
I will be presenting documentation of my project, along with live demonstrators of how some of these systems work. There will be demos of the mobile listening devices, and explanation of audio broadcasting systems, and hopefully some live demos of my sound masks.

I learned that we are moving to a scenario where information about personal identity is being retrieved in physical spaces, not just in online digital spaces. There will become a desire to obscure one's personal identity in the real world, and my thesis has lead me to consider how this will play out in the acoustic domain.