The Fox Sisters

Kate Tibbetts

An annotated web comic about two young girls who convinced the world they could speak to the dead. Through hyperlinked margin notes, the comic explores new ways to tell true stories dramatically without discarding important context.

Weisberg, Barbara, "Talking to the dead."
Doyle, Arthur Conan, "The History of Spiritualism."
Faust, Drew Gilpin, "This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War."
Moore, R. Laurence. "Religious Outsiders and the Making of Americans."
White, Ellen G., "A Solemn Appeal"
Davenport, Reuben Briggs, "The Death-Blog to Spiritualism."
Bushman, Richard Lyman, "Joseph Smith: Rough Rolling Stone."
Krakauer, Jon. "Under the Banner of Heaven:a story of violent faith."

For my thesis, I made the first 30 pages of a 100 page web comic. My plan has been to scatter enough citations through the comic to provide readers with a sense of the power of an annotated comic. I’ll feel the project is a success if the annotations give users a strong and engaging impression of the time and place in which the Fox Sisters lived. In the coming months, after I’ve created more related comics and added more research to the platform, I hope the site feels, not just like an exploration of the Fox Sister’s story, but an exploration of the Second Great Awakening, a wild 19th century religious revival of which the Fox Sisters were a part.