Dynamic Painting

Min Jung Kim

A kinetic painting that uses multiple painted rotating gears as a canvas.


Dynamic Painting uses multiple rotating gears of different sizes as its canvas. As they rotate slowly second by second they begin to reveal new images at each turn, sometimes representational, sometimes abstract. Eventually after a few hours they rotate back to the original image.

Inspirational works: Duchamp's Nude descending staircase,Monet's Sunrise,Kandinsky's Staccato,Petro Vrellis' Van Gogh' ,Tim Hawkinson' totem,Starry Night Interactive Application, Sergio Albiac’s Generative Portrait, Takagi Masakatsu’s Vismedourual Installation,Julie Mehretu's Mural

Inspirational books:Art and Culture by Clement Greenberg,Mind Time by Benjamin Libet

Since I wanted my application to be perceived as a painting rather than a kinetic sculpture, I tried to retain a painting's 2D plane and simplify the movement. I started to use a gear mechanism as an initial solution to make a moving platform for a painting. After I experimented with various mechanisms, I decided to use the levels of gear mechanism whose motion I found most intriguing due my ability to manipulate speed, and orchestrate when portions of the painting would be revealed or hidden. I designed gears big enough to allow me to play with images dynamically and to hide the base box that holds the shafts that support the gears underneath. So only the rotating gears can be seen as a moving canvas. I made several sketches for the painting content and chose images that had false perspectives since they generated more interesting images when the gears rotate;sometimes representational, and sometimes abstract. I made the speed of rotation slow enough to allow viewers to contemplate each step as a painting in its own right, but not so slow that a viewer would not experience the motion.