Honey Jar

Robin Reid

A micro-giving site where high school students can raise money for college applications, practice building their digital profile, and gain social capital from a lively donor community.

Applying for colleges can be a surprising cost for many families. Honey Jar is a micro-giving platform that connects enthusiastic donors with high school students who are approaching the daunting process of applying to college. By using Honey Jar, students can raise up to $300 to pay for their college application fees. They will solicit interested donors by using common social media tools to craft their unique point of view, and to express their future aspirations. This positive digital profile can be saved for future use. Donors will be guided to students through common interests, perhaps seeing a younger version of themselves, and can make financial, as well as, inspirational contributions.




High School Juniors and Seniors applying to college

Donors who are passionate about education and want to contribute social support to students through sharing life experience.

User Scenario
A young high school student wants to apply to 2 more schools, but doesn't want to ask their parents to fork out more funs. Through guidance counselor who helps them to fill out a student profile. The student has to work through a short bio of themselves they also have a chance to express their passions and interests through commonly used digital tools. A donor, who is passionate about education and is registered on the Honey Jar database, spots a few students that want to pursue a field of study that is near and dear to them. In addition to making a small donation, they are able to contribute related stories or experiences that become a part of the students profile. They commit to a small donation, and that student is now able to cover the cost of their college applications, without having to go to parents.

I will build a website that will showcase what this product could be. I will pursue professionals that work as college admissions counseling space as well as parents and families that are currently in this process. I work with students to continue to measure how they interact and express themselves digitally. I will also donors and potential strategic partners to see how this product my best service their needs.

That servicing 2 audiences is very difficult. That planning to build a website is certainly iterative and takes a lot of time. That it is difficult to have more than one objective for a user of a website. I have learned that families would be open and welcome to this type of assistance, and that students get extremely excited about applying digital tools to celebrate themselves.