Ryan Viglizzo

Google Docs for Multi-Track Recording

Musicians compose in various environments- different settings spark different innovation. They have limited ability in the digital space to collaboratively write, share and edit music. Musicians lack a unified audio recording and editing tool. Sesh is a browser based application that allows musicians to record and co-edit multiple audio timelines collaboratively in real-time. The environment focuses on sketching up pieces. It is not intended for intense mastering or mixing but rather a way for musicians to maintain and express their musical ideas in the context of a collaborative digital space. Sesh aims to make musical composition more social and accessible improving the ability to share, manipulate and co-record in real-time.

My inspiration came from google docs, Logic pro/Abelton Live, SoundCloud, and AudioTool; also my music students, teachers and collaborators.

Musicians beginning to advance who are separated by distance have a desire to share and collaborate with each other.

Sesh is written in java-script, backbone.js, jquery, flash, html and Less. The backend is done in node.js, express.js, hogan.js, and uses for the interactivity across browsers. Sesh is in its first prototypal stages and uses various web-audio resources such as Recorder.js for in browser recording, Timeline.js for audio timeline interactivity, Web Audio API for sound processing, Plucked.js for cut/copy/delete, and Audie.js for track and audio sin sound wave GUIs.

I learned a lot about programming. It was a great experience trying to bring my ideas to life through code. I wished I could have had more time to do certain things but everything turned out well.