Touch The Stage

Stefanie Kleinman

Touch The Stage is a digital music service that allows users to easily browse, watch, and purchase high-quality live concert videos online.

Touch The Stage takes the online concert viewing experience to the next level by bringing high-definition, professionally-shot concerts directly to your devices for you to enjoy. You can watch concert clips, browse setlists, and purchase full-length concert videos by your favorite artists, on-demand. The site serves as a digital venue for you to re-live a concert, or watch it for the first time, up-close, and full-screen. While there are many existing music services, a destination site for high-quality concert footage is noticeably absent from the digital music marketplace. Touch The Stage aims to fill that void and provide unparalleled digital access to live concerts online.

One of my primary motivations for coming to ITP was to further explore digital technologies as they relate to the music business. In this regard, I was certainly inspired by sites and services like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Vevo, and Vimeo. I was excited to take this thesis project as an opportunity to further examine existing digital music services and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Many of the projects I developed while at ITP, such as the DJ Jacket, RFID BeatBox, and FanFeeder Music Festival Application have also centered on (live) music technologies and, specifically, creating unique and interactive ways for users to connect with and experience music. In this regard, simple and engaging UX design has also been a strong inspiration for this project. The book "Emotional Design" by Donald Norman has informed my UX perspective for this project tremendously, as it reminds me to always think about what is most intuitive for users and to think creatively about solutions and existing products.

The target audience for Touch The Stage is people who love music and concerts. The site is intended to serve as a digital venue for users to re-live a concert, or watch it for the first time, up-close, and full-screen. Users can see artists they already love, or discover new artists. The site is, of course, not intended to replace the live concert experience, but rather to support and complement it.

User Scenario
Users will be able to watch concerts on if they miss the live concert or if they attend the live concert and would like to re-live it again afterwards. Users are easily able to find, watch, and purchase high-quality HD concerts from artists performing around the world on a full-screen player without distorted audio and visual quality.

To develop this project, I did extensive research on existing online music and video websites examining and evaluating multiple approaches at UX strategy, design, content, and business models. I also drew on my background as a music lawyer to consider different ways of obtaining and licensing the concert footage for use on the site and spoke with several current music industry executives to get their opinions and insights on the project, and to gage interest in the concept. In terms of actually building the site, I used multiple different site building and interactive prototyping tools, including, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, OmniGraffle, and Axure.

I have learned a tremendous amount from this thesis project. I have learned the basics about creating a website and developing a useful proof-of-concept prototype for a digital service. Over the past semester, I have combined research, coding, sketching, user-testing, design, UX strategy, and my legal background to come up with a valuable and exciting music service. I experimented with Omnigraffle, Axure, and WordPress, among other services to create this website. I am very happy with the progress I have made and the feedback that I have received but I do feel as if I can take this project much further in the future. I think this project has a lot of potential and I look forward to continuing to improve and build upon it after graduation.