Trent Rohner

TripTrip is the best way to explore a world of possibilities and discover the perfect place for your next trip. Find inspiration from your social networks and search by vacation preferences.

There is no lack of data when it comes to travel, in fact it often became overwhelming at the sheer volume of information available. There is, however, a lack on insight into how this translates to the way we deal with travel in the real world. This is where my own research came into play. As part of my research I had the opportunity to speak with the founder of a major travel search engine. I also conducted a number of informal ethnographic studies, focusing specifically on the idea generation portion of looking for a place to travel to (i.e. how the average person generates a list of possible places to go). Finally, with the help of my own social network, I was able to put together a survey of over 100 people with a single question in mind "How do you discover the places you travel to?" All of these research endeavors were extremely insightful and were invaluable to the final execution of my thesis.

I intend to create this:
With a world of options, finding the perfect destination for your next trip requires a lot of research on travel sites that assume you already know where you want to go. TripTrip is different - it helps you find the perfect place by consolidating many of the useful sources you already go to for inspiration and information. By connecting to your social networks like Facebook and Instagram, you can browse through hundreds of destinations and easily see all the pictures and places your friends have been to or live in. Refine your results by weather, travel time and dozens of other options to find the right trip for you. Get inspired and find out all the information you need to book your next trip with TripTrip.