Ge Ma

MonsterF is an Augmented Reality game run on Google glass. It use Google glass camera to take the video and then do face detection at real-time to track people's face and replace them into cute monsters. Also can use hand to play their monsters.


MonsterF is an AR game run on Google glass. The whole process can divide in to several parts.

1) Realtime Video Taking. Video shot by google glass.

2) Real-time face detection. This game will use JAVA-CV, automatically get all the face in the video, and replace the face a different monster face

3) Users can finger squeeze, stretch, flick monster face, they all can active different effects.

4)Sound and music system


1) About UI: Because Monster is a game. So the interface will be design very cute and funny, also its very simple and easy to play

2)About UX: User Experience will designed Simplicity and compact, wonderful game and app always very easy to understand and play