nothing to be done

Aaron Arntz

‘nothing to be done’ explores all the ‘nothing’ done while doing something. Invisible processes borne from the use of digital tools serve as generative source material.


“…there is nothing to express, nothing with which to express, nothing from which to express, no power to express, together with the obligation to express.”
–Samuel Beckett

What insight emanates from the uncelebrated ‘nothing’ in our use of digital tools? In several installations, ‘nothing to be done’ drills into process, extracts invisible elements and translates them aesthetically: ‘Tmuxels’ twists the Tmux terminal multiplexer into a graphical display. ‘tuRING’ rewrites the notes of a piano, using the keyboard as a ‘Turing tape’. ‘Sonivim’ maps prepared-piano sounds to modal keystrokes in the Vim text editor.