Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Imagination.Codes teaches art and design thinking using Math and Code


political framework for education is to put STEM education in all classrooms, teach all kids to code. At the same time schools and budget committees are cutting all the creative arts from curriculum completely or turning them into after school programs that are optional or for a small group of children. This is just a crime, children need the creative arts and people are fighting this, at RISD the STEAM movement has challenged this notion insisting that Arts need to co-exsit with STEM and be a part of the core curriculum. I’m approaching this problem in a different way I’ve created a Trojan Horse: its called Imagination.Codes, since no one president has been established for what a tech curriculum looks like in schools I have created something that looks like its teaching children code, but what it actually is teaching children is how to be artists, how to dream, experiment, design and create.