HELP – Ben Gullard Thesis

Ben Gullard

I'm going to start making alarm clocks of various designs, each with its own measure of time, function, and desired effect on the user. The final set will be presented in a cabinet/vending machine that tries to sell each clock.


Time got you down? Do you need 25 hours in a day, or only 3? Never feel the need to look at a clock again, as HELP is here to mark the passage of time with both helpful and utterly useless mechanical events. A mid-century secretary desk equipped with 12 devices programmed to announce the events of the day, HELP is the epitome of modern convenience. Feel free to leisurely work through your waking hours at the spacious 12×12 inch desk surface as HELP is tuned to your physical and emotional well-being. Following the upward trend of automated appliances and anticipatory services, food, drink, uppers, downers, confetti and genital stimulation are only some of the events that HELP has to offer as the day clicks by. Don't worry, HELP is here.