Act On It, Don’t Wait

Bing Huang

“Act On It, Don’t Wait” is an interactive system for an American-themed restaurant in China that not only adds more fun to waiting in line but also calculates the average queuing time in order to improve the restaurant’s turnover efficiency.


The system consists of three parts: a video grid projected on a wall near the entrance of the restaurant, an LED bracelets that notify customers when their tables become available and a set of push buttons for the restaurant staff to monitor the queueing process.When a customer arrives, the restaurant staff pushes the buttons to activate the bracelet and the grid by assigning an image of an American character or person to each customer. While they wait, customers watch their assigned icons move through the grid showing how much longer they have to wait. When their tables becomes available, the bracelet blinks, and a video clip related to their assigned icon takes over the grid. Waiting times will be stored in a database for later review.