The Reader

Caitlin Quintero Weaver

The Reader is a poetic reflection in the form of a multimedia sculpture. It considers the conceptual space between a reader and their self, and a reader and an author, and the way the boundaries between their roles blur.


As a reader, the narratives and poetry you read nourish you and populate your consciousness with images and paradigms of interactions and concepts. Simultaneously, the highly personal lens through which a reader interprets literature and narrative lends the reader the fleeting role of coauthor, and contributes another aspect to the eternal role of author of self.
The Reader is a piece of furniture, a box on legs, with a mask of the artist on either end. One mask looks out, the eyes are searchlights, scanning the ether for meaning. The other mask is an impression of the artist’s face, serving as an intimate viewport into the box and through to the restructuring of consciousness, represented in the form of a video art piece.