David Tracy

The Internet of Things presents a unique opportunity to alter our relationship with the world. Using the mythical monster as inspiration, ‘Chimera’ examines human, animal, machine hybrids as vehicles to commune with the non-human world.


At its best, the internet obliterates space and eludes physical form. But what happens when remote, internet enabled objects take shape on the body?

‘Chimera’ is a collection of networked appendages that offer glimpses into the world of objects through an immediate persistent presence. These extensions use the internet to form human, animal, and machine hybrids that defy conventional formal logic and demand alternate readings.

Motors dance in sync with the breath of a house cat. Lights dim to the pulse of Bieber tweets. A collar rattles in tune with the pixels of a distant surveillance camera. These strange hybrids ask us to reorient our relationship with the elements of an incoherently tangled world.