Dark Room

Eozin Che

Dark Room is an experimental experience that collects audience's thermal traces on the floor and translates it into visual components of virtual landscape.



There is a dark room. While you navigate inside, you unconsciously leave traces of your presence by walking around, touching the wall, and even by breathing. As more people come in and leave this area, more trails of experiences accumulate.

What if there’s a virtual room built by these collective trails of individuals’ presence in the physical room? What would you feel if you get to see the trace of body movement, visualized smell of your hair, warmth of your hand left in the place you’ve just been from the appearance in virtual reality?

This project will consist of a physical installation and a virtual room built with Cinder. OculusRift will allow viewers to experience collaboratively created virtual space vividly. To gather data of visitors' presence, infrared cameras will track their movement paths and pressure sensors mapped on the floor will keep their footprints. Ultimately these sets of data will be translated into a visual elements in computer graphics and create the room in virtual reality.


Data Art, Rest of You, Thesis