Isi Azu

revasser is an experiment created to tackle the sense of telepresence in a virtual environment. It aims to explore what it means to dream in a machine, and how one could undertake the task of freeing the mind in a virtual environment.



Welcome to your mind. Revasser is a hypostatized environment that is the starting point of a mental journey. It considers the structure and widespread presence of myth in our dreams, and the emotional impact of color to present users with a linear interactive narrative via four distinct hyper-immersive virtual landscapes.

More often than not, our dreams are revealed to us in the language of universal human experiences, condensed in rich, vivid symbols and eternal ancient archetypes. Einstein once said “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. What if an immersive virtual environment can enhance our reality? Can it reveal the illusion of presence in the real world?


Always On, Always Connected, Project Development Studio, Thesis, Subtraction