Jaewoong Hwang

Unravel-it, a timeline based wiki, allows you to unravel the evolution of any topic, historical or cultural, and see all the critical events from its beginning to its present state.



When a scandal hits the papers, there is no easy way to see where it all began and how it came to light: e.g. the George Washington Bridge or Brian Williams scandal. You might also want to follow your favorite sports team's history or a biography of an indie band, but often times, it is not easy to find thorough but concise information.
Unravel-it is a timeline based wiki. You can “unravel” any subject, whether it's historical or cultural, you can see all the events that make up that topic and compare it to various other subjects.
Like any wiki, it is a collaboratively editing system. Anybody can contribute to make the timeline. Please visit and join the community. It is currently online as a beta service.