(( OLoS ))

Jason Sigal

Olos is a graphical, web-based platform to play with music through code. With OLoS, everything—the music and the code—is remixable.



OLoS is an interactive platform for exploring the intersection of code and music. It is online and open source to facilitate discovery through tinkering. It uses the nascent Web Audio API, which makes the building blocks of digital audio accessible through any web browser. OLoS extends the signal flow paradigm through modules that show their process. Visualizations help make digital signal theory more tangible, and users can tweak presets to gain a deeper understanding of audio data. OLoS modules are created by the community. They can be manipulated through an in-line code editor, as well as a GUI. Like the underlying source code, OLoS compositions can be remixed, saved, and shared with the world to inspire further discovery.