Jinyi Fu

What if the inanimate objects are alive? In this art project, everyday objects see you through their eyes. In various ways, your reflections lie everywhere. Ubiquito is an experience to explore and present how you appear from other perspectives.


Ubiquito is a series of seeing objects that capture and display clips from your life.

How you see yourself from your own perspective may be different. Each object in Ubiquito embodies characteristics according to its own attributes. When you are looking at the object, it’s also staring at you and perceive you in its way. Your clock conceives your life frame by frame. You look darker in a table lamp’s eyes. You are a black and white sketch to your pen and notebook. Your lipstick only cares about your lips and ignores other body parts. You are a picture of contact in front of a telephone.

User picks up an object and looks at it, a small display attached to the object will reflect its perception of you.