The Things We Carry Carry Us

Julia Irwin

A virtual reality landscape and soundscape made up of 3D scanned scars and their related stories.


Scars. No two look alike, no two stories of their origin are the same. Using a 3D scanning system that I custom designed, I’ve scanned over 100 scars and captured the unique narratives attached to them. The Things We Carry Carry Us is a virtual terrain and soundscape, at once otherworldly and ultra-terrestrial, where scars become peaks or valleys but remain true to their physical form. Inspired by the ability to scale up an object in virtual space, I wanted to create an environment built from intricate details we often overlook, to flip the nature of a habitat. The terrain in The Things We Carry Carry Us is ever evolving. The project will be ported to the web with a set of instructions for how to add your scar and story to the piece.