Jung Min Hong

NutritionMate is a willpower helper that’s always with you, it sends alerts to your smartphone to help you eat healthy every day, every meal.


Willpower is not enough, and it’s hard! Once you input your goal and personal stats, NutritionMate calculates everything for you. It filters nutritional information when you’re eating out, analyzes what you eat and drops notifications to help achieve your goals.

NutritionMate is a mobile app that helps active urbanites, who dine out often, eat better. Due to the lack of time and money, a majority of individuals say they have unhealthy eating habits.

The app uses your location to determine the restaurant you’re at and suggests the best food choices for you. This pilot focuses on restaurants where ITP students go. I developed a database that contains all the nutritional information from Chipotle, Fresh&Co, M2M.