Say no to “Tobacco” with “Nobacco”.

Katevisuth Sukpisan

‘Nobacco’ is a wearable device and mobile app that will help smokers better handle their cravings by understanding their smoking habits, and then break them with the support of their peer(s).


Smoking is both a physical and, for many, a social behavior. Nobacco pairs a cigarette smoke detecting device with a mobile app that helps quitters become more self aware of their triggers and habits, while facilitating emotional support in adverse situations. When a craving strikes, users can either tap the button on the device to record craving patterns (trigger, time, location), or hold the button to send an SOS signal to selected peer(s) via text message. The device also detects cigarette smoke, and automatically records the time and location of its presence to help quitters identify avoidance areas. On the mobile app, quitters can track progress, set goals, adjust the level of notifications and solicit encouragement from their peer(s).