Bioswale: Exposing Hidden Ecostructure

Kelly Saxton

Bioswale is an interactive public installation for NYC that will improve the understanding of the city’s green infrastructure. By revealing the function and value of bioswales, this model will help generate support for their implementation.


In NYC, stormwater runoff sends pollution directly into the watersheds around every borough. Bioswales have been carefully engineered to absorb and filter the runoff through landscaped greenery. This thesis, Bioswale, is a physical model of the hidden structure of bioswales that exposes their function to city dwellers. The engineered strata of Bioswale will allow viewers to immediately grasp the value of this specialized landscaping through the experience of simulated stormwater filtration. As a display, Bioswale creates awareness and understanding of green infrastructure and will help connect people to the natural ecosystems that are part of NYC.