Michael Ricca

Imagine being able to sculpt 3D sound in a virtual space with any piece of audio, simply by rotating your phone or mounting it to headphones. BLüNAURAL is a networked controller app and binaural audio effect plugin for music content producers.


Networked interfaces and controllers have mostly lived in the DIY realm up until recently. BLüNAURAL is a proof of concept for many network integrated apps, plugins, and devices to come. Setup and connecting is easy, allowing artists and musicians to do more of what they do best; create. The App sends gyroscope data via the recently established MIDI Bluetooth LE standard over to a binaural audio filter plugin, hosted in your favorite audio workstation on Mac or PC. Your phone can be used standalone or even mounted to a pair of headphones for more analogous control over head movement and filter control.


Interactive Music, Thesis, Understanding Networks