Wear, measure, store, ignore. Repeat.

Rodrigo Narciso Gouveia da Silva

The market is recently flooded with wearable devices that help you get fit, fight diseases, and consume fewer calories. My project satirizes the “quantified self” craziness that has arisen in the past few years.



I want to satirize the wearable wave that promises a live connection to everything, sometimes for no reason. We have this desire to automate tracking of our bodily functions and we gather all of this data. Because of this, we are losing our connection with our bodies and in the end we rarely take action.

I have built a series of wearable prototypes that quantify bizarre/embarrassing/unnecessary things from our everyday life. From my 6 initial prototypes, I am developing 2, and publishing 1 on a crowd funding platform.

My goal is to take it very seriously, to the point that people talk about it without being sure if it serious or not. I want to as far as starting a crowd funding campaign and watching what unfolds.