Future Antique – An ageing chandelier in digital age

Saki Hayashi

Although ubiquitous, current tech products are always being replaced, loosing traces of the users’ existence. However, objects can anchor time, building a stronger sense of identity. In our digital age, the Future Antique may be the missing concept.



Smart lighting systems are responsive to users’ emotional conditions, environments, and preferences, allowing users’ emotions to be affected by the interactive mechanism, and design. However, tech products are not designed to last long enough to gift over generations. Also, the data gathered by products is not used meaningfully, missing an opportunity to provide a physical record of the user’s activities. Since we possess mementos, heirlooms, and graves, keeping and utilizing an object is a strong way to connect with our past and a form of expression. Thus the Future Antique chandelier materializes the users’ digital data, tracing their existence on to the object itself. A user’s data causes the chandelier to be oxidized via electrolysis.