Subjective Objects

Seiya Kobayashi

Subjective Objects is a series of self-referential home products that that remind us to keep a sense of humor and meta-perspective in our everyday lives.


“This sentence has five words.”

I have always been intrigued by things that refer to themselves. Subjective Objects explores a new form of self-reflexive expression that employs new technologies.

“Melting-Melting” is an ice tray that forms ice in the shape of the word “MELTING”.

The “Self-Reproducing Stamp” is a 3D-printed ink stamp that creates a QR code on paper. Scanning the code leads to a website where the 3D model of the stamp is available for download and replication.

Plugging the power cord of the “Self-Plugging Power Strip” into its own socket remotely turns on light fixtures not plugged into it.

I hope to take users on a strange yet comforting journey that displaces them, if only for a moment, from the status quo.