Resonant Bodies

T.K. Broderick

Resonant Bodies explores the phenomenon of vibration in the body during vocalization as it relates to practices in classical Indian vocal music. The listener experiences a singer’s voice as vibration in their own body during a live vocal performance.


Resonant Bodies is the practice of observing the resonant properties of the body that are active while singing. Its aim is to help listeners achieve a state of deep listening and heightened awareness of the physiological structures at play during vocalization. Classical Indian vocal music involves performance techniques and compositional practices that pay special attention to the ways in which various pitches, vowel sounds, and melodic structures can move vibration to different places in the body in order to activate esoteric energies in the seven chakras. Vibration is transferred in real time with the use of body microphones on the vocalist and actuators on the listener. The audience spans musical, spiritual, and health communities.