Chime.In Beta

Tessa Ndiaye

CHIME.IN is a community-driven, live music search engine about the here and now. Chime.In re-imagines the way we discover concerts and shows in New York City.


The City is a quintessential playground for eclectic music discovery. How can we connect music lovers and concertgoers with our local scene? How adventurous can it be? How immersive can it be?

People go to concerts of musicians they already know with friends they already have. With CHIME.IN, people will go to concerts on the spot, with people they don’t know… yet. Through a bi-weekly release, the mobile app provides immediate insights and engagement with the local community. Embracing sensorial exploration, human curation and social connectivity, CHIME.IN bridges the on and offline live music experience by encouraging liberation through spontaneity.