le baroud d’honneur

Vicci Ho

A performative storytelling installation that details the plight of Hong Kong residents after the protests of 2014, exploring the political views, hopes, anxieties and fears of its people at a traditional tea table.


Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement of 2014 was a divisive political event that left the city bruised, exhausted and polarized. Le baroud d’honneur, or ‘last stand before losing the battle’, explores the aftermath where uncertainty reigns and the rift remains. Through audio commentaries told by Hong Kong residents of different generations discussing their frustrations, weariness, and disappointment, it exposes the complex emotions they have with the city and each other.
These stories are told in a public space, at a table with tea and dim-sum: a traditional meeting place where conversations and ideas are shared. Le baroud d’honneur is a meditative snapshot of a people contemplating the future of their home, knowing it is no longer in their hands.