4 Connecting Strangers

Yu Ji

This project explores alternative ways to connect people, especially strangers, culminating in an app called 4. 4 helps users learn more about people they frequently encounter, and say hi in real life without prejudgments based on appearance.



4 is an app for people living in metropolitan areas or who are new to a specific space to explore and start building connections in real life.

Most other apps for meeting new people create relationships that stay online. 4 encourages casual real life conversations between strangers. 4 works by connecting strangers through gradually revealing more information with each passive encounter. If two users have crossed paths 3 times, their identities are revealed and they are prompted to connect in real life. It is up to the users to interact at the level they prefer.

4 Celsius is right above the freezing point. Breaking the ice and being nice to local strangers in real life is the goal of 4.