Encountering: Arabic

David R Lockard

A hands-on exhibition piece that leads to an online platform, Encountering: Arabic offers a personally engaging, tactile learning experience with the Arabic language.



Every encounter with a foreign language is a reminder of what separates us from those who use it. Yet at the same time, such encounters also present the opportunity to transcend entrenched social, cultural and political boundaries. My thesis seeks to build on the latter point by developing a playful approach to language-learning to encourage a spirit of interaction and exchange.

‘Encountering: Arabic’ is a proof-of-concept, a focused, short exhibit designed to experientially encapsulate the objectives and methods of a larger, future exhibition. Visitors learn the letters of their name in Arabic through a visual-tactile interface, which then links them to a social media channel facilitating further exploration. The project is directed at a wide range of English-speaking audiences.



Thesis Presentation Video