Naoki Ishizuka

@veatrapper is audio visual rap composition/performance piece,where rap, beats, and footage from instagram video become one song realtime using Video Sampler.



As a Hiphop beattmaker and rapper, I address how beats can come well with rap. Inspired by increasing importance of video in Hiphop, I try to perform rap from videos for my thesis.

@veatrapper is an audio visual rap composition/performance piece, where rap, beats, and video from instagram become one song realtime using digital software called Video Sampler, built with Max/MSP.

I collected footage with me rapping about what is seen in the video, and shared them on instagram. Video Sampler takes those footage as samples with properties information such as location and time. I control musical parameters, speed, and such to compose a rap song with video.

Audience will enjoy the whole process of instagram shareing to composition performance of video.


Live Image Processing and Performance, Thesis

Thesis Presentation Video