Max Horwich

Audance is a networked interactive music web app that allows users to play together over the internet in real time, using their computer keyboard, mouse and webcam as instruments, regardless of musical training or experience.


I came to ITP with a very specific goal: to use interactive media technology to make musical expression available to the widest possible audience. I’ve explored this in past work, creating web-based musical interfaces that lean away from traditional forms, like written notation and piano keys, to create something more inviting to users with no formal musical training. These projects now serve as prototypes and early experiments toward the development of Audance.

While my previous works have empowered users to make music on their own, this is my first web-based project explicitly designed for musical collaboration, and as such, my most fully-realized work to date. Musical expression is a fundamentally collaborative endeavor, relying on a shared language — both among performers and between performers and listeners — for the form to be fully realized, and for the benefits of engaging with that form to be fully felt. To that end, I set out to build an environment where that shared language can be explored in a format that is intuitive and inviting to the widest audience possible.