Breathe We Live

Ella Chung

Breathe We Live is an interactive meditation experience that awakens the reflection of the human relationship with nature through breathing.


Breathe We Live is an interactive installation that presents the invisible connection between human and natural environment through shedding lights on the activity of breathing. The invisible exchange of oxygen is brought into the projection of the natural world and human connection. The breathing sensors track the user in real time of their breathing frequency, and the interaction with the plants will help the user to meditate and slow down their breathing. The goal of this installation is to encourage us to rethink our connection and responsibility towards nature.

The installation invites people to pay close attention to their body through a session of breathing meditation practice. I created a meditative space, with embedded interactive components, that enables intimate experience between viewers and the natural environment. Only one or two people can enter the space at a time. The installation uses human breath as an input to produce corresponding visuals in real-time. A Kinect camera mounted inside the space will detect the user’s movement to provide a false feedback loop for breathing, when the user is moving and breathing too fast, the visual and music will slow down to give the user feedback to breathe slower.

According to my research about mediation, walking through nature is one of the best ways to relieve stress. I wanted to create a meditative space for people to understand their breathing activity and their close relationship to nature. I hope the experience helps the users to reflect their relationship with the current state of nature.