Design System Starter Tool with AI

Yeonhee Lee

The Design System Starter Tool with AI helps you sort out how to create a more robust and consistent design system for your digital product. It shares expert perspectives based on the most popular design system methodology and even frees you from tedious jobs such as collecting your existing design patterns using machine learning technology.


A design system is a series of design components that can be reused in different combinations for various purposes. More and More digital product companies realize the importance of having a reliable and consistent design system to have a clear brand identity, make their production process more efficient and streamline their communications between their people and teams. However, creating a design system is indeed an overwhelming task especially if you already have a messy set of UI components in your product.
I also had that struggling experience when I worked on a design system building project in my last job. Although there were plenty of great books and web resources about creating a design system, they were all spread out in different places and it took a long time to find and digest them. Another significant pain point during the project was collecting all design assets and UI patterns from the existing products to find out the design issues they have.
From this experience, I considered creating a tool that can be a starting point for design system beginners by providing the basic steps to follow and the structure of design system based on the most popular methodology, Atomic Design. Also, inspired by the fact that image classification and object detection is one of the most favorable jobs for AI, I integrated it into my idea in order to accelerate the design system building process by having the machine do the tedious work for users.