Fisherman’s Song

Ivy Huang

Ancient Chinese poetry is a form of art that is imbued with emotion, inexpressive feelings and the heritage of ancient Eastern culture.
How can the poetic meaning of ancient Chinese poetry, which transcends literal translation, be conveyed in interactive visual form?


“Fisherman’s Song” is a multidimensional art installation that creates a space for audiences to experience the beautiful story and deep meaning behind an ancient Chinese poem.
This interactive and immersive piece unfolds as users traverse the space.
The selected poem – “Fisherman’s Song” by Zhu Dunru, describes the poet’s life experience after deciding to quit his life as a dignitary and live a seclude life next in the forest
In the poem, he scorns the greed and desire of people he encountered as a dignitary and expresses his desire for the life style he had always dreamed of, a life connected to nature and the elements.