In Panes

Jarone Wright

Exploration of kiln-glass and light to make images. I’ve experimented with creating interactive glass sculptures that can be used to make paintings with light.


In Panes is a series of glass sculptures that encourage user exploration with light. The transmissive and reflective properties of glass is used to create multi-dimensional images when illuminated. Viewers are empowered to explore and change the sculpture by manipulating the lights provided.

Glass art is seen as fragile and rigid, something stuck in a moment of time. I encourage viewers to break through the “Pane” and manipulate the composition as they explore the pieces. Several pieces have been created for display, each a different experiment in form, color and transparency.

Glass is a versatile medium but not often utilized in the creative technology field. Why is this and how can we encourage people to view glass in a new light? Various methods of fusing kiln-glass and coldworking have been examined as part of this experiment.