Asha Veeraswamy

Kineme is a set of motion capture data sculptures about connection, made by analyzing the kinetic flow of improvised partner dances. This installation emotes the trust, vulnerability and somatic experience conveyed through their movements.


Kineme — refers to units of “body language,” or the ways in which people communicate with each other through their stance, gestures, and facial expressions. This installation is inspired by abstract expressionism to explore process as medium. It explores how humans can tap into their emotions using digital motion capture of analog shared movements. This temporal data visualization transforms dynamic non-verbal communicative motions into static sculptures of emotional expression.

Using the partner dance form of Brazilian Zouk Lambada as a framework, Kineme asks the following questions: Why does dance, as a memetic expression language, create a sense of belonging, meaning, & connection between people? How can generated randomness within a set of rules create shared flow states? What is the relationship between digital loss & analog gain when it comes to representing autotelic experiences?