Memory Playback, “Grandma, do you remember?”

Chian Huang

Memory Playback, “Grandma, do you remember?” is an interactive experience with spatial audio design that brings the past memory between my grandma and me to the dining table. This project is designed for my grandma who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. It questions about can the emerging technology help to recall my grandma’s loss memory and enhance her life quality.


Memory Playback, “Grandma, do you remember?” is an interactive memory playback experience designed for my grandma. The experience is about a series of past memories between my grandma and her family that are projected on a set of plates.

In this experience, each plate is designed as a plane for projecting different life moments between my grandma and me. The plate is like a container that holds the memory; therefore, by putting different plates together, it will trigger different video and spatial audios. The audio contains the recordings of the conversations we had in the past which associated to individual memory, including narration to guide through the experience.

My grandma suffers from Alzheimer’s disease who experiences memory loss, cognitive and mobility disability. As her family members, it’s difficult to see our loved one changes dramatically to a different person. Although she loses her memory about her family, she still enjoys being around with them. Therefore, this project is designed for myself, my grandma, and the family as an opportunity to look back the memories and celebrate these precious moments together. Moreover, I want to investigate how effective it can be by using different forms of visuals and audios to recall the memory for Alzheimer’s patient.