North Central Positronics

Caleb Ferguson

A sprawling online text adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic future where any player can add-to or change the game universe at any time.


While we gladly recount “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”, the results-based culture we live in often encourages the opposite.

Despite our professed disdain for rigid procedures and bureaucracy, we find ourselves entrenched in economic and social systems that enforce behavioral compliance to protocol.

This game is set an post-apocalyptic world dominated by an authoritarian collective called North Central Positronics. While the overbearing collective demands the player follow certain instructions, the game allows players to break away from protocol and make their own path.

Players that stake out their own path have complete control over the content of their adventure, and whatever they add is permanently saved in the game universe. Players can link their adventures and narratives to others material in the game – creating an opportunity for collaborative creativity as well.

The game allows players to do all of this under the veil of total anonymity, giving them an opportunity to adventure without fear of surveillance or judgement.

The resulting game universe is therefore ever-changing and rhizomatic. Players that contribute to it break away from artificial ‘choices’ a traditional game or story has to offer, and instead truly create their own.