Vidia Anindhita

Solus is a series of smart devices that highlights our sense of smell so that people who feel alone can find a state of solitude and joy. How can we transform the experience of this feeling of loneliness into solitude, a state of being alone without being lonely, by exploring our senses and mental states?


Solus explores how to regulate our physiological and emotional equilibrium through sensory experiences. The project chooses scent as a method to shift the brain from feeling lonely to embracing solitude and a strong sense of joy.

The aim is for three different smart devices to disrupt this perspective of aloneness by using the most pervasive but often forgotten human sense of smell.

The three devices are Scent Notification, Scent Clock, and Scent Speaker. Each device was designed to create a multi-sensory experience that impacts mood and memory to transform space in meaningful ways. The scents were designed through the research process to help us feel at peace in our own company and achieve the state of solitude.



Thesis Presentation Video