Tangram Blanket

Alan Peng

Tangram Blanket turns a seemingly basic and everyday object into a toy that helps children to develop skills in sensory and cognitive domains. It not only provides warmth and comfort but also lets children play while learning the world through an imaginative and creative way.


For my thesis, I hope to turn an everyday object in children’s life into a toy that fires the imagination through the simple interaction. Children play with whatever they can find around them, and they are often emotionally attached to the blankets they sleep with every night. What if we had a chance to reimagine the blankets, make them even more versatile, and embed them into the play activities? Inspired by the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle, the colorful and comfortable Tangram Blanket will greatly enrich children’s play experience.

Tangram Blanket aims to foster children’s imagination and creativity through play. It starts as a product design idea that leverages my parents’ business, which is a fleece manufacturer. Tangram Blanket is mostly made of fleece, a soft and comfortable material. The blanket consists of 7 pieces of fabrics in different geometry shapes, colors and textures. By taking a cue from Tangram, one of the most popular and timeless dissection puzzles, each piece of fabrics can be easily attached and detached with each other using magnets to form various shapes. Through the activity, children will be able to develop their language skills, mathematical thinking, and spatial sense. Tangram Blanket is not only a blanket that keeps children warm and cuddly but also encourages them to play, build and bring their imaginations to life.