The Comorbiditree

Camille Weins

The Comorbiditree is a tool that takes a case study approach to illustrating how mismanaging type 2 diabetes, which is heavily affected by blood sugar levels and exercise duration, can lead to the development of a comorbidity or multi-morbidity.


Type 2 Diabetes is considered the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. However, Heart Disease is ranked at number one, and can be considered a comorbidity of Diabetes. Thus, a diabetic needs to undergo a monumental lifestyle change to manage their fasting blood glucose level, effectively creating a constrained environment that can oftentimes make them feel powerless. The Comorbiditree seeks to provide new perspective on a user’s sense of control. This app was designed with my mother’s statistics in mind, however, it can easily be scaled for others. This app utilizes two quantifiable variables, blood sugar, a reflection of your diet, and exercise duration, which can have immediate results on your blood sugar value, to build a model that connects my mother’s data and relates it to its comorbidities.